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About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education was founded in 1987, and was divided into the Department of Mathematics Education and the Department of Science Education in 2000. In 2004, the Department of Mathematics Education was renamed as the Department of Mathematics and then became part of the College of Science and Engineering.In 2015, the Department of Mathematics was renamed as the Department of Applied Mathematics.

Currently, the department has eight full time faculty members with research expertise in diverse areas of mathematical science including algebra, combinatorics, probability, statistics, game theory, differential equations, and mathematics education. Over the years, the department has continuously aided in the professional development of each faculty member by providing resources in teaching, research, and academic activity. All the faculty members are committed to teaching and committee service, and have strong mission to provide high quality education in mathematics. Over a five-year period, mathematics faculty has won four NTTU Outstanding Teaching Awards.


The department is now located at  the new Science and Engineering building on Jhihben campus since September, 2014. For more information, please visit the webpage at wwwen.nttu.edu.tw/files/15-1005-614,c230-1.php.